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MAG CUP – a Top Tier Event

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rAGE Expo Johannesburg – a must-attend event in the calendar of any avid South African gamer is set to be graced with the latest and greatest South African Call of Duty tournament (to date). This tournament has been named the Monster Astro Gaming Cup (MAG CUP).

A notable point about this event is that it is affiliated to the CWL (Call of Duty World League). This organisation is based in America and has just finished organising and running the COD World Champs event which took place at CODXP. This is an excellent step forward for the South African COD scene and may possibly lead to the opportunity for a South African team to attend World Champs in future. The CWL affiliation also means that the tournament will only be open to players who are over 18 years of age.

The tournament will begin on Saturday 10 September where teams will compete in online qualifiers. The top eight teams from the online qualifiers will go through to play on LAN at rAGE Expo for the ultimate prize.

This event will offer a R120 000 prize pool as well as gear from notable gaming brands such as Astro and KontrolFreek for the top 8 teams that make it through the online qualifiers.

ACGL (@AfricanGaming), a company founded by two figureheads in the South African COD scene, will be running the tournament. With a wealth of tournament hosting experience, ACGL promises to bring a smoothly run event that will satiate the competitive appetite of the South African pro players.

It should prove to be an experience of epic proportions for the gamers of South Africa. Don’t forget to check the Anteria site for updates once the tournament has commenced.


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